Thursday, 9 March 2017

Current Affairs 9th March 2017-Quiz

9th March 2017 Current Affairs Quiz for SBI PO, SSC CGL & competitive-govt. Exams:

Current Affairs 9th March 2017 Quiz
1. Who has been honoured with "Nari Shakti Award 2016" by President Pranab Mukherjee?
a) Manish Desai
b) Mumtaz M. Kazi
c) Nirmita Kaur
d) Virendra Kher

2. Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu has recently inaugurated the two-day International Yoga fest in which city of India?
a) Bhopal 
b) Haridwar
c) New Delhi
d) Chandigarh

3. Which state government will organise the first-of-its-kind “Tulip festival” from 1st April, 2017? 
a) Himachal Pradesh
b) Uttarakhand
c) Jammu and Kashmir 
d) Assam

4. According to the Financial Times, which of the following banking system has overtaken the eurozone  to become the world’s biggest by assets?
a) India
b) US
c) Japan
d) China

5. RBI is set to introduce new Rs. 10 note which have the inset letter ________on both number panels.
a) R
b) S
c) L
d) M

6. Who has been bestowed with the 2016 Moorti Devi Award?
a) Kalakaluri Enoch 
b) Virendra Hegde 
c) M P Veerendra Kumar 
d) Nirmita Kaur

7. The state government of Odisha has launched a 24*7 helpline number _____ to assist women in distress in the state.
a) 111
b) 121
c) 151
d) 181

8. India’s longest cable-stayed bridge across river Narmada is situated on which National Highway (NH)? 
a) NH-2 
b) NH-5 
c) NH-8 
d) NH-10

9. The recently announced penalty by SBI for non-maintenance of Minimum Average Balance (MAB) in saving accounts will be effective from which date?
a) March 31, 2017
b) April 1, 2017
c) May 1, 2017
d) April 30, 2017

10. M Chandrakasu, who passed away recently, was related to which field? 
a) Sports 
b) Politics 
c) Journalism 
d) Music

11. Who has been honored with the 2016 Saraswati Samman for his novel ‘Hawthan’?
a) Atul Desai
b) Mahabaleshwar Sail
c) Vijay Tendulkar
d) Padma Sachdev

12. The Kamaladevi Chattopadhya National Awards launched by the Textile Ministry on March 8, 2017 will be presented to ______.
a) Women handloom weavers and artisans
b) Small textile startups
c) Best entrepreneur in textile sector
d) Women based startups for handloom weaving

1:b, 2:c, 3:c, 4:d, 5:c, 6:c, 7:d, 8:c, 9:b, 10:d, 11:b, 12:a.

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