Thursday, 16 February 2017

Current Affairs Questions: 16th February 2017

Current Affairs Quiz based on 15th February 2017 Current Affairs & News for all competitive-govt. Exams:

Current Affairs 16th February 2017 Quiz
1. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched a record 104 satellites in one go from which rocket vehicle?
a) PSLV-C32 
b) PSLV-C35 
c) PSLV-C37 
d) PSLV-C42

2. Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar has adopted which village in Maharashtra for transformation under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna? 
a) Gardi village
b) Dhasai village
c) Gondala village
d) Donja village

3. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has opened a first-of-its-kind South Asia Training and Technical Assistance Centre (SARTTAC) in which city of India for economic capacity building in South Asia?
a) Mumbai
b) New Delhi
c) Jaipur
d) Pune

4. The two day UNESCO Natural Heritage Festival 2017 was held in which state?
a) Assam
b) Goa
c) Himachal Pradesh
d) Uttarakhand

5. How much amount has been allocated by the government to the India Post Payments Bank for the financial year 2017-18 to help it in setting up 650 branches across country by September 2017?
a) Rs.750 crore
b) Rs.600 crore
c) Rs.550 crore
d) Rs.500 crore

6. Who has been appointed as the new President of ICAI?
a) Jay Chharia
b) Naveen Gupta
c) Nilesh Vikamsey
d) Devraja Reddy

7. Who has become the Pakistan’s first woman foreign secretary? 
a) Sabika Chaudhry 
b) Adilah Khan 
c) Bahameen Sharif 
d) Tehmina Janjua

8. Who became the first ever Indian to win the New Zealand Grand Prix?
a) Atul Negi 
b) Manish Mohan
c) Jehan Daruvala
d) Ashok Bansal

9. Which country is hosting the 2017 Cobra Gold joint military exercise? 
a) Thailand 
b) Japan 
c) United States 
d) China

10. T V Parasuram who passed away on February 14, 2017 was veteran personality of which field?
a) Scientist
b) Actor
c) Novelist
d) Journalist

1:c, 2:d, 3:b, 4:c, 5:d, 6:c, 7:d, 8:c, 9:a, 10:d.

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