Thursday, 9 February 2017

Current Affairs 9th February 2017: Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz based on 7th-8th February 2017 Current Affairs & News for all competitive-govt. Exams:

Current Affairs 9th February 2017 Quiz
1. Which state has become the first state in the northeast to implement e-Cabinet solution for the state cabinet members?
a) Tripura
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Mizoram
d) Nagaland

2. The 23rd edition of International Conference and Exhibition on Terrestrial & Satellite Broadcasting was held in which city of India?
a) Bhopal
b) Jaipur
c) New Delhi
d) Gurugram

3. The Three day Global conference on Nuclear Terrorism has bugun in which city of India?
a) Bhopal
b) Jaipur
c) New Delhi
d) Gurugram

4. The technology giant Samsung will launch which of the following mobile payment wallet in India?
a) Samsung Wallet
b) Samsung Pay
c) Samsung Bank
d) Samsung Pwallet

5. Who has won the Men’s singles title of the 81st senior national Badminton Championships tournament plyed at Patliputra sports complex Patna?
a) Lakshya Sen
b) Chirag Sen
c) Sourabh Verma
d) Kamal Mohan

6. Which Indian-origin British sculptor has won the 2017 Genesis Prize? 
a) Srihari Bholekar
b) Dhruva Mistry 
c) Anish Kapoor
d) Deepak Singh

7. Which state government has launched an award system to reward its government employees for their hard work and innovation and encourage good governance in the state?
a) Arunachal Pradesh
b) Manipur
c) Assam
d) Goa

8. Who has surpassed Germany to become the world’s largest producer of solar energy after nearly doubling its installed photovoltaic capacity in 2016?
a) China
b) Japan
c) US
d) India

9. Which committee has been constituted by the Haryana Government to resolve the problem of those agitating for reservation and other issues of the state?
a) D S Dhesi committee 
b) P K Lahoti committee 
c) H S Juneja committee 
d) M P Kaur committee

10. Name the Indian National Army veteran and Netaji Bose’s driver cum guard who died on February 6, 2017 at the age of 116?
a) Colonel Tez Bahadur
b) Colonel Abdul Quadir
c) Colonel Nandlal
d) Colonel Nizamuddin

11. Which bank has tied up with a cross-border payment network Earthport Plc. to enable faster outbound cross-border payments for its customers?
a) ICICI Bank
b) Axis Bank
c) SBI
d) HDFC Bank

12. India signed a protocol with which country to amend the existing bilateral taxation treaty for Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion?
a) France
b) Russia
c) Austria
d) Germany

1:b, 2:c, 3:c, 4:b, 5:c, 6:c, 7:a, 8:a, 9:a, 10:d. 11:b, 12:c.

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