Sunday, 8 January 2017

Current Affairs Quiz: 8th January 2017

Current Affairs Quiz based on 7th January 2017 Current Affairs & News for all competitive-govt. Exams:

Current Affairs 2017 Questions Quiz
1. The All India Conference of Chairpersons and Chief Executive Officers of States and Union Territories' Waqf Boards has begun in which of the following cities?
a) New Delhi
b) Gurugram
c) Hisar
d) Kanpur

2. Which state Government has announced a new scheme to provide financial assistance of Rs. 1000 per month to poor single women in the state?
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Telangana 
c) Punjab
d) Haryana

3. Which state / union territory Government has recently approved 'Good Samaritan Policy' to encourage people to help road accident victims in emergency situation?
a) Punjab
b) Haryana
c) Delhi 
d) Chandigarh

4. As per the advance estimates released by the CSO, the GDP in 2016-17 is set to grow at
a) 7.1%
b) 7.2%
c) 7.3%
d) 7.5%

5. Name the country that will help in development of Chennai, Ahmedabad and Varanasi as smart cities?
a) China
b) US
c) Japan
d) France

6. Online automobile marketplace Droom has tied up with which Bank to provide quick sanction of loans on both new as well as used cars?
a) SBI
b) HDFC Bank
c) ICICI Bank
d) Axis Bank 

7. The 14th edition of Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) has begun in which of the following cities?
a) New Delhi
b) Gurugram
c) Bengaluru
d) Chennai

8. What is the theme of the 2017 New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF)? 
a) Vivid Bharat – Diverse India 
b) Manushi – Books Written on and by Women 
c) Kathasagara: Celebrating Children’s Literature 
d) Suryodaya: Emerging voices from North East India 

9. Gangmumei Kamei, who passed away recently, was the noted historian of which state? 
a) Bihar 
b) Odisha 
c) Uttarakhand
d)  Manipur

10. Who has become the first batsman to score test hundreds in 11 countries?
a) Younis Khan
b) Alastair Cook
c) David Warner
d) Virat Kohli


1;a, 2:b, 3:c, 4:a, 5:c, 6:d, 7:c, 8:b, 9:d, 10:a.

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