Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Current Affairs Quiz: 18th January 2017

Current Affairs Quiz based on 17th January 2017 Current Affairs & News for all competitive-govt. Exams:

Current Affairs Quiz: 17th January 2017
1. What is India's rank among the 79 developing countries in 2017 Inclusive Development Index (IDI)?
a) 22
b) 48
c) 56
d) 60

2. Kozhikode Corporation was declared as the first Elderly-Friendly Corporation of which state?
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Telangana
c) Kerala
d) Karnataka

3. How much loan amount has been sanctioned by World Bank (WB) for “Nagaland Health Project”?
a) $68 million 
b) $58 million 
c) $48 million 
d) $38 million 

4. The 170th Sadguru Sri Thyagaraja Aaradhana festival has been concluded in which state?
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Telangana
c) Odisha
d) Karnataka

5. What is the India’s GDP growth forecast rate for fiscal year 2017, as per updated “World Economic Outlook (WEO)” report of International Monetary Fund (IMF)?
a) 7.6%
b) 7.1% 
c) 6.6% 
d) 6.2% 

6. Which fashion store has recently joined with SBI Card to launch a co-branded credit card to offer benefits to consumers in the premium lifestyle and fashion space?
a) Reliance Trends
b) Future Group’s fashion and lifestyle 
c) V Mart
d) Stanmax

7. The Border Security Forces recently launched Operation Sard Hawa at
a) Northern international border of Jammu & Kashmir
b) Wagah Border
c) Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir
d) Western international border of Rajasthan

8. The 2017 India International Garment Fair (IIGF) will be held in which city? 
a) New Delhi
b) Indore
c) Jaipur 
d) Lucknow

9.  RBI's Note Mudran printing press has broken all its past record by printing highest number of currency notes in December 2016. The Mudran printing press is located in
a) Mysuru
b) Nashik
c) Kolkata
d) Hoshangabad

10. Who has been confirmed as Lewis Hamilton's new team-mate and new driver for Mercedes?
a) Nico H├╝lkenberg
b) Valtteri Bottas
c) Felipe Massa
d) Felipe Nasr

1:d, 2:c, 3:c, 4:a, 5:c, 6:b, 7:d, 8:a, 9:a, 10:b. 

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