Friday, 2 December 2016

Current Affairs Questions 2nd December 2016

Current Affairs Questions for IBPS Clerk, RRB and Other Exams:

Current Affairs Questions for IBPS Clerk 2016
1. India has signed government-to-government (G2G) deal with which county to buy 145 M-777 Ultra-Light Howitzers worth $750 million under the Foreign Military Sales programme?
a) Israel
b) Japan
c) France
d) United States (US)

2. What was the theme of the 2016 World AIDS Day that was on 1 December 2016?
a) #HIVprevention
b) The time to act is now
c) Hands up for #HIVprevention
d) Getting to zero

3. Name the state whose Raj Bhawan became India’s first to adopt the cashless system for all kind of payment?
a) Uttarakhand 
b) Himachal Pradesh 
c) Kerala
d) Tamil Nadu

4. Name the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar that won the prestigious Crossword Book of the Year Award in the Autobiography category?
a) The Test of My Life
b) Playing it my way
c) Out of the BOx
d) Straight from the Heart: An Autobiography

5. The Union Cabinet recently approved the rehabilitation package of what amount for displaced families from Pakistan occupied Jammu & Kashmir (POJK)?
a) Rs 2000 crore
b) Rs 2500 crore
c) Rs 5000 crore
d) Rs 5500 crore

6. Facebook will invest $40000 in which Indian Fashion Startup under its FBStart Programme?
a) Vastragatha
b) Ajio
c) CoutLoot
d) fabindia

7. Who won the 2016 World Chess Championship?
a) Magnus Carlsen
b) Garry Kasparov
c) Viswanathan Anand
d) Sergey Karjakin

8. Which of the following State has approved a policy under which, the cash component will be deposited in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries of different government schemes?
a) Kerala
b) Maharashtra
c) Gujarat
d) Andhra Pradesh

9. The 50th anniversary of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) has been hosted by which country? 
a) India 
b) Germany 
c) Singapore 
d) Malaysia 

10. Which Brazilian football club lost most of its team in the Columbian plane crash?
a) Chapecoense
b) Atletico Nacional
c) Palmeiras
d) Independiente

1:d, 2:c, 3:b, 4:b, 5:a, 6:c, 7:a, 8:b, 9:a, 10:a.

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