Sunday, 20 November 2016

GA, GK Questions asked in IBPS PO MAINS 2016 Exam (20th Nov)

1. Corporation Bank Headquarter- Mangalore

2. BSDBA limit- Rs. 10000

3. Khaliko Pul was CM of- Arunachal Pradesh

4. NATO Summit 2017- Belgium (Brussels)

5. Dalai lama has been bestowed with honorary citizeship by the city – Milan, Italy

6. Grama Vidiyal Microfinance acquired by which bank – IDFC Bank

7. One Question asked from Nobel prize in Economy 2016

8. Indravati national park which district- Dantewada, Chhattisgarh

9. Bhavani dam which state- Tamil Nadu

10. Antiwerp diamond situated in which country- Belgium 

11. EFTPOS stands for- Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale 

12. One Question asked from Gross value added (GVA) Rate

13. 22195 cr given for capitalization& for- 13 ailing public sector banks 

14. CRR need for? - CRR is a crucial monetary policy tool and is used for controlling money supply in an economy

15.  Bermuda triangle in which ocean- North Atlantic Ocean

16. 10,000 rs note demonetized in– 1978

17. Author of One Indian girl – Chetan Bhagat

18. OPEC headquarter – Vienna, Austria

19. Nassau is the capital of – Bahamas

20. Banks which is not regulated by RBI – State Bank of Sikkim

21. Typhoon Haima recently came in – China

22. One Question asked from MIPS

23. Where is Bermuda Triangle – Atlantic Ocean

24. Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

25. Joint Military Exercise of India & China named as Sino India Corporation 2016 was recently held in – Ladakh, India

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