Sunday, 6 November 2016

Current Affairs Questions 6 November 2016

Current Affairs Questions for Bank, SSC & Other Competitive Exams:

1. Which state has been ranked number one in the World Bank’s ‘Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness’?
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Telangana
c) Maharashtra
d) Kerala

2. Name the country that became the first country in the Baltic Sea area to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to link up with China’s One Belt and One Road (OBOR) Initiative?
a) Denmark
b) Estonia
c) Latvia
d) Lithuania

3. Name the indian actor who has been appointed as the first Indian ambassador for Switzerland Tourism? 
a) Ranveer Singh 
b) Ranbir Kapoor
c) Aamir Khan
d) Hritik Roshan

4. Parivartan Yatra, a election rally started by which of the following party?
a) Congress
b) BJP
c) SP
d) BSP

5. India signed an oil production deals worth about 1.45 billion US dollar to increase oil production with which country?
a) Iran
b) Venezuela
c) Iraq
d) Myanmar

6. “Aware and Care” the health awareness campaign has been launched by which state government? 
a) Goa 
b) Kerala 
c) Punjab 
d) Karnataka 

7. Which union minister has launched "Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA)" scheme to provide free health check-ups to pregnant women at government health centres and hospitals? 
a) Maneka Gandhi 
b) M. Venkaiah Naidu 
c) Narendra Modi 
d) Jagat Prakash Nadda 

8. RBI recently directed all the banks to dispense more banknotes through ATMs of which denomination?
a) 10 rupees notes
b) 50 rupees notes
c) 100 rupees notes
d) 500 rupees notes

9. What was the theme of the World Tsunami Awareness Day that was observed on 5 November 2016?
a) Effective Education and Evacuation Drills
b) Effective Evacuation Drills
c) Effective Evacuation Drills: Be Safe
d) None of the above

10. Which largest ever space telescope is expected to be launched by NASA in 2018?
a) Infra Space Telescope
b) Hubble Space Telescope
c) Kepler Space Telescope
d) James Webb Space Telescope

1:a, 2:c, 3:a, 4:b, 5:b, 6:c, 7:d, 8:c, 9:a, 10:d.

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