Thursday, 3 November 2016

Current Affairs Questions 3 November 2016

Current Affairs Questions for Bank, SSC & Other Competitive Exams:

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the "Saur Sujala Yojana" in which state that would provide solar powered irrigation pumps to farmers at a subsidized price?
a) Punjab
b) Chhattisgarh
c) Haryana
d) Odisha 

2. Who has been named as the most valued international athlete in 2016 according to the Forbes Fab 40 list?
a) Roger Federer
b) Tiger Woods
c) Cristiano Ronaldo 
d) Lionel Messi

3. Name the South Korean directors who will be honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the upcoming 47th International Film Festival of India?
a) Im Kwon-taek
b) Kim Jee-woon
c) Lee Chang-dong
d) Park Chan-wook 

4. Who has invited India to join in developing next-generation nuclear reactors and to participate in its fast-reactor research project?
a) US
b) Japan
c) Russia
d) Canada  

5. India has signed a MoU with which country for setting up of Techo Park in Ramallah? 
a) Israel 
b) Iran 
c) Afghanistan
d) Palestine 

6. Kylie Verzosa, who has been crowned Miss International 2016, is belonged to which country?
a) Nicaragua 
b) Philippines 
c) Argentina 
d) Venezuela 

7. Who recently took over as the Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes?
a) Ajay Singh   
b) Rani Singh Nair
c) Vivek Kumar
d) Sushil Chandra

8. Which state government has observed November 1 as ‘No Tobacco Day’? 
a) Punjab 
b) Kerala 
c) Odisha 
d) Haryana 

9. Name the all-time World Cup top-scorer and german footballer who announced his retirement from football on 1 November 2016?
a) Mario Gomez
b) Lukas Podolski
c) Michael Ballack
d) Miroslav Klose

10. Arnab Goswami resigned as the Editor-in-Chief of which news channel?
a) Zee News
b) NDTV 24x7
c) Times Now

1:b, 2:a, 3:a, 4:c, 5:d, 6:b, 7:d, 8:a, 9:d, 10:c.

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