Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Reasoning Questions for IBPS PO and Clerk 2016

1. If Abhishek  finds that he is twelfth from the right and fourth from the left, how many boys should be added to the queue so that there are 28 boys in the line?
(E)None of these

2. Nishi is taller than Suraj. Nidhi is taller than Nishi. Nilu is taller than Nidhi. Mishi is the tallest of all. If they stand according to their height, who will be in the middle?
(E)None of these

3. In a row of girls, Sita is tenth from the left and Gita is twelfth from the right. When they exchange their places, Sita is sixteenth from the left. What is the new position of Gita from the right?
(E)None of these

4. Among five students N is heavier than L and U. C is lighter than U and Q. L is not the lightest. Who among them is the lightest?
(D)Data inadequate
(E)None of these

5. Bhumi is 8 ranks ahead of Disha who ranks twenty-sixth in a class of 42. What is Bhumi’s from the last?
(E)None of these

Directions (6-10) Study the following information and answer the questions given below it.
P,Q,R,S,T,U,V and W study in different standards viz. 1st, 2nd , 3rd , 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th . All of them are seated around a circular table facing the centre. R sits third to right of W.W studies in standard 8th. U sits second to left of T. T is not an immediate neighbor of R or W. The one who studies in standard 1st is an immediate neighbor of T. Three people sit between W and the student of standard 7th. W, R and also their immediate neighbours do not study in standard 2nd. Only one person sits between the student of standard 2nd and V. Students of standard 3rd and 4th are immediate neighbours of each other. R is neither in standard 4th nor in standard 3rd. Only one person sits between P and the student of standard 5th. P does not study in standard 2nd or 3rd. Q does not study in standard 2nd.

6. Who amongst the following represent immediate neighbours of V?
(B)T and the student of std.2
(C)W and the student of std.6

7. How many persons sit between S and the student of std. 4, when counted from the left hand side of student of std.4?

8. Which of the following is true?
(A)Only one person is sitting between student of std. 4 and std. 6
(B)S studies in std. 2
(C)The one studying in std.3 is a immediate neighbor of W
(D)One person sits between W and the student of std.2
(E)None of true

9. Which of the following is true regarding U?
(A)U studies in std. 5
(B)S and V are immediate neighbours of U
(C)One student sits between F and the student of std.4.
(D)U sits second to right of P
(E)None of true

10. Who amongst the following studies in std. 3?
(E)Cannot be determined

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