Monday, 17 October 2016

Current Affairs Quiz for All Competitive Exams (17th Oct)

Current Affairs Quiz for all Competitive Exams
1. Who won the 1st BRICS U-17 Football Tournament Championship 2016 held at Goa?
a) Russia
b) China
c) Brazil
d) South Africa

2. India has signed a defence deal worth nearly Rs 39,000 crore with which country to purchase five state of art S-400 ‘Triumf’ air defence systems?
a) Russia
b) China
c) Brazil
d) South Africa

3. Which of the following country has made a decision to quit the Commonwealth after Warnings over Democracy?
a) Philippines  
b) Myanmar
c) Sri Lanka 
d) Maldives

4. Textiles Minister Smriti Irani  has inaugurated the India International Silk Fair in which city of India?
a) Varanasi
b) New Delhi
c) Surat
d) Mumbai

5. Which Indian personality has been awarded for ‘Excellence in Technical Innovation’ by the International Society of Automation (ISA)? 
a) Satish Pathak 
b) Pankaj Ahuja 
c) Naveen Jain 
d) Milind Sharma 

6. Name the "oldest working journalist in the country" declared by Mizoram government and the Mizoram Journalists' Association?
a) Lalbiakthanga Pachuau
b) Kirtiraj Kundlik Gaikwad
c) Bheem Sen Gupta
d) None of these

7. Which Indian scientist has been awarded the prestigious IAFP Young scientist scholarship award 2016 for his research work on a development of novel oxygen absorbing package in the field of active packaging for oxygen sensitive food products?
a) Manik Dev
b) Kirtiraj Kundlik Gaikwad
c) Satish Prabhu
d) Lalbiakthanga Pachuau

8. Who of the following has been selected for the Sri Maharshi Valimiki Jayanti Award for 2016-17? 
a) D Borappa 
b) H Anjaneya 
c) Veeranna 
d) S G Siddaramaiah 

9. _____ consortium led energy giant Rosneft Oil Company has agreed to acquire India’s second biggest private oil firm Essar Oil in an all-cash deal valued at about US $13 billion.
a) Russian
b) Chinese 
c) Brazilian 
d) German

10. Which country became first team to play 900 ODIs?
a) Australia
b) Pakistan
c) India
d) New Zealand


1:c, 2:a, 3:d, 4:b, 5:a, 6:a, 7:b, 8:c, 9:a, 10:c.

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