Sunday, 16 October 2016

Current Affairs Questions for All Competitive Exams (16th Oct)

Current Affairs Questions for Competitive Exams
1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 'Shaurya Smarak', the war memorial in which city?
a) Nagpur
b) Bhopal
c) Pune
d) New Delhi

2. Which of the following state is observing Safe Motherhood Week from 14 October to 21 October 2016 to provide all necessary medical aid and assistance to the pregnant women and to ensure safe delivery in the entire state?
a) Kerala
b) Gujarat
c) Telangana
d) Uttar Pradesh

3. The National Seismic Programme (NSP) has been launched in which state of India? 
a) Arunachal Pradesh 
b) Sikkim 
c) Assam 
d) Odisha 

4. Name the Senior IAS officer who was appointed as the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)?
a) O P Singh
b) Ajay Kumar Bhalla
c) Kapil Mehta
d) Deepak Menon

5. The first-ever BRICS-BIMSTEC Outreach Summit will be held in which state of India? 
a) Odisha
b) Uttar Pradesh 
c) Goa  
d) Rajasthan 

6. Dr. Abdul Kalam's birthday is observed as World Student Day on which date?
a) 12th October
b) 14th October
c) 15th October
d) 26th October

7. Which of the following country has formally joined China's One-Belt One Road Initiative?
a) Sri Lanka
b) Pakistan
c) India
d) Bangladesh

8. Name the city where the 10-day 'Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav' (RSM) was inaugurated by Home Minister Rajnath Singh?
a) New Delhi
b) Jaipur
c) Bhopal 
d) Mumbai

9. Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Valvoline Cummins India?
a) Rohit Sharma
b) P V Sindhu
c) Virat Kohli
d) Sakshi Malik

10. Who has been appointed as Whole-Time Member (WTM) of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)? 
a) Pradeep Kumar 
b) G Mahalingam 
c) Jivan Kher 
d) Prashant Saran 


1:b, 2:d, 3:d, 4:b 5:c, 6:c, 7:d, 8:a, 9:c, 10:b.

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