Sunday, 2 October 2016

Current Affairs and GK Quiz for IBPS (2nd October)

current affairs questions-answers for ibps po and clerk 2016
1. Who has been emerged as the overall champion at the 56th Atheletics Open Nationals that ended on 30 September 2016 in Lucknow?
a) Services
b) Railway
c) Delhi Police
d) Andhra Padesh

2. Who won the 4th men’s Under-18 Asia Cup hockey trophy by defeating Bangladesh?
a) Pakistan
b) India
c) China
d) Maldives

3. Which of the following country has began the 7th annual Naval Engagement Activity Vietnam 2016 at Tien Sa Port in Da Nang, Vietnam with Vietnamese navies?
a) Japan
b) Canada
c) Russia
d) USA

4. HCL and _____ have entered into a 15-year partnership for automation, development and operations.
a) Apple
b) Google
c) Microsoft
d) IBM

5. Who has been appointed as the Executive Director (ED) of Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)?
a) R Raghu
b) R Subramania Kumar
c) Suchita Kampani
d) Nirmal Chand

6. Which Indian Monument recently bagged an award for Cleanest Iconic Place at the Indian Sanitation Conference (INDOSAN) 2016?
a) Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh
b) Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram
c) Rani ki Vav, Gujarat
d) Architectural Work Of Le Corbusier, Chandigarh

7. The International Day of Older Persons is observed every year on Which date?
a) 30th September
b) 1st October
c) 2nd October
d) 3rd October

8. Who has been elected as President of The Indian Newspaper Society (INS) for the year 2016-17 at the 77th annual general meeting of the INS?
a) PV Chandran
b) Mohit Kampani
c) Somesh Sharma
d) R Sampath Kumar

9. Which among the following country's lower house of parliament has passed a landmark bill giving its small Hindu minority the right to register marriages recently? 
a) Thailand
b) Afghanistan
c) Pakistan 
d) Bangladesh

10. Venue of Under-18 Asia Cup hockey tournament was ______.
a) India
b) Nepal
c) Bangladesh
d) China


1:b, 2:b, 3:d, 4:d, 5:b, 6:c, 7:b, 8:c, 9:c, 10:c.

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