Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Current Affairs and GK Quiz for Bank Exams (5th Oct)

current affairs quiz for ibps po and clerk 2016
1. Name the state which has become the first state in the country to implement Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) in Kerosene Scheme?
a) Bihar
b) Jharkhand
c) Goa
d) Tamil Nadu

2. Which Indian Bank became the first domestic bank to open a branch in the capital city of Yangon, Myanmar?
a) State Bank of India
b) Union Bank of India
c) Oriental Bank of Commerce
d) Union Bank of India

3. Name the Indian wildlife film-maker and elephant researcher who was recently appointed Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite (Knight in the National Order of Merit) by the French Government?
a) Manish Vaid
b) Sandesh Kadur
c) Shekar Dattatri
d) Prajna Chowta

4. The powerful Typhoon Chaba is expected to hit which of the following countries? 
a) Australia
b) New Zealand 
c) United States 
d) Japan 

5. Dassault Aviation of France has entered into a partnership with which Indian firm to execute offsets for the recently concluded deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets?
a) L & T
b) Reliance group
c) Tata Industry 
d) Mahindra & Mahindra  

6. Name the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Prasar Bharati Corporation who resigned recently?
a) Jawhar Sircar
b) Avinash Ghosh
c) BS Maurya
d) Surya Prakash

7. What is the theme of World Space Week that is being observed from 4-10 October every year? 
a) Exploring our Future
b) Exploring the Universe
c) Remote Sensing: Enabling our Future
d) our Space Our Future

8. David J. Thouless along with F. Duncan M. Haldane and J. Michael Kosterlitz won 2016 Nobel Prize in which categories?
a) Medicine
b) Chemistry
c) Literature
d) Physics

9. Who has been appointed as the full-time member of 21st Law Commission of India? 
a) Abhay Bhardwaj 
b) A P Shah 
c) S Sivakumar 
d) Abhay Bhardwaj 

10. Number wise India is which nation to ratify the historic Paris Agreement on climate change?
a) 55
b) 59
c) 62
d) 65


1:b, 2:a, 3:d, 4:d, 5:b, 6:a, 7:c, 8:d, 9:c, 10:c.

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