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Computer Quiz for Bank Exams

Computer questions answers for IBPS PO and Clerk

1. What is 'M' stands for in MAN ?
b) Metropolitan
c) Mega
d) Mass
e) None of these

2. BPS stands for ______:
a) BIts per second
b) Bytes per second
c) BIts per system
d) BIts per season
e) None of these

3. Sending an e-mail is similar to:
a) Writing a letter
b) drawing a picture
c) talking on the phone
d) sending a package
e) None of these

4. Every component of your computer is either ________________.
a) Software or CPU/RAM
b) Input devices or output devices
c) Application software or System Software
d) Hardware or Software
e) None of these

5. Ctrl, shift and alt are called _________ keys.
a) Modifier
b) Function
c) Adjustment
d) Alphanumeric
e) None of these

6. CPU can directly understand this language.
(a) C
(b) C++
(c) Assembly
(d) Java
(e) None of these

7. Which of the following is not a virus ?
(a) Blaster
(b) Creeper
(c) Mellisa
(d) Kaspersky
(e) none of these

8. Analog computer is
a) Communicate at low level
b) A machine which works on data which is always changeable
c) Communicate at high level
d) All of these
e) None of these

9. In which generation of computer was ‘Transistor’ introduced?
a) 1st Generation
b) 3rd Generation
c) 4th Generation
d) 2nd Generation
e) 5th Generation

10. Who developed ‘Integrated Chip’?
a) Charles Babbage
b) J S Kilbi
c) Blaise Pascal
d) John Mauchlay
e) None of these

1:b; 2:a; 3:a; 4:d; 5:a; 6:c; 7:d; 8:b; 9:d; 10:b

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