Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Computer Awareness Quiz for Bank Exams

Computer questions answers for IBPS PO and Clerk

1. What is the full form of ‘ENIAC’?
a) Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
b) Electronically Numerical Integrator and Computer
c) Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
d) Electronically Numerical Integrator and Calculator
e) None of these

2. In which generation did multiprogramming start?
a) 5th Generation
b) 2nd Generation
c) 1st Generation
d) 3rd Generation
e) 4th Generation

3. What is Gigabyte?
a) Flash Memory
b) An optical storage medium capable of storing vast amount of information
c) Roughly a trillion bytes
d) Roughly a million bytes
e) Roughly a billion bytes

4. Find the correct setoff three types of data found in a spreadsheet.
a) Data, words, numbers
b) Equations, data, numbers
c) Words, numbers, labels
d) Numbers, formulas, labels
e) None of these

5. Unix operating system was developed by
a) Walter Baatain
b) John Burdeen
c) Ken Thompson
d) All the above
e) None of these

6. What is a Firmware?
a) A program started in RAM
b) A program started in a file
c) A program started in boot sector
d) A program started in ROM
e) None of these

7. A program written in a high-level language is a
a) Compiled program
b) Source program
c) Objective program
d) All the above
e) None of these

8. ____________ punctuation ends most lines of C code.
a) ' (single quote)
b) ; (semi-colon)
c) . (dot)
d) : (colon)
e) " (double quote)

9. Two basic types of OS are
a) batch and interactive
b) sequential and real-time
c) batch and time-sharing
d) sequential and direct
e) batch and sequential

10. To prepare a presentation/slide show which application is commonly used?
a) photoshop
b) PowerPoint
c) outlook Express
d) internet Explorer
e) All of these

1:c; 2:d; 3:e; 4:d; 5:c; 6:d; 7:b; 8:b; 9:a; 10:b

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