Sunday, 2 October 2016

Computer Questions for Bank Exams 2016

Computer questions answers for IBPS PO and Clerk
1. Which level language is Assembly Language ?
a) high-level programming language
b) medium-level programming language
c) low-level programming language
d) machine language

2. Which of following is used in RAM ?
a) Conductor
b) Semi Conductor
c) Vaccum Tubes
d) Transistor

3. What is full form of GUI in terms of computers ?
a) Graphical user Instrument
b) Graphical unified Interface
c) Graphical unified Instrument
d) Graphical user Interface

4. What is the name of first super computer of India ?
a) Saga 220
b) PARAM 8000
d) PARAM 6000

5. USB is which type of storage device ?
a) Primay
b) Secondary
c) Tertiary
d) None of above

6. What is full form CMOS ?
a) Content Metal Oxide Semiconductor
b) Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
c) Complementary Metal Oxygen Semiconductor
d) Complementary Metal Oscilator Semiconductor

7. MPG is an file extension of which type of files ?
a) Audio
b) Image
c) Video
d) Flash

8. BIOS is used for ?
a) Updating system information on network
b) Loading operating system
c) It helps in routing
d) It take inputs from keywords and other devices

9. Which is following is not an operating System ?
a) Unix
b) Linux
c) Windows
d) Java

10. Which among following first generation of computers had ?
a) Vaccum Tubes and Magnetic Drum
b) Integrated Circuits
c) Magnetic Tape and Transistors
d) All of above

1:c; 2:b; 3:d; 4:b; 5:c; 6:b; 7:c; 8:b; 9:d; 10:a.
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