Thursday, 13 October 2016

Computer Awareness Questions for Bank Exams

Computer questions answers for IBPS PO and Clerk

1. Operating Systems, editors and debuggers comes under:
a) System Software
b) Application Software
c) Utilities
d) None of The Above

2. DMA stands for:
a) Direct Memory Access
b) Direct Module Access
c) Direct Memory Application
d) None of The Above

3. BIOS stands for:
a) Basic Input Output Software
b) Basic Input Output System
c) Basic Input Output Standards
d) None of The Above

4. The digital signals can be represented by:
a) Binary Codes
b) 0 and 1
c) High and Low
d) All of The Above
e) None of The Above

5. Founder of E-Mail:
a) James Gosling
b) Shiva Ayyadurai
c) Ajay V. Bhatt
d) None of These

6. Which of the following company is called Big Blue:
a) Microsoft Corporation
b) Compaq Corporation
c) IBM
d) None of The Above

7. The word "Computer" usually refers to the Central Processing Unit plus:
a) Input Devices
b) External Memory
c) Internal Memory
d) None of The Above

8. Where was the India's first computer installed and when:
a) Institute of Social Science, Agra, 1955
b) Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta 1955
c) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 1971
d) None of The Above

9. The first computer made available for commercial use was:
d) None of The Above

10. A ____is a group of devices that store digital data:
a) circuits
b) register
c) bit
d) None of The Above

1:a; 2:a; 3:b; 4:d; 5:b; 6:c; 7:c: 8:b; 9:c; 10:b

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