Sunday, 4 September 2016

SSC CGL 2016, 4th September (3rd Shift) GA Questions

1. Which protein is present in Milk?
Ans: casein 

2. Quit India movement is started in which city?
Ans: Bombay

3. Goitre disease is caused due to deficiency of?
Ans: Iodine

4. Which country wins the 2016  hockey world cup?
Ans: Australia

5. In weils, disease affected organ is ?
Ans: Kidney

6. Shearer award for which games?
Ans: Football

7. Latest  amendment?
Ans: 100th ( related to boundary exchange with Bangladesh)

8. IPC 124a is?
Ans: Indian Penal Code ( deal with sedition)

9. Theme of Rio Olympic? 
Ans: World Peace and Environment

10. Longest railway lines in world connect?
Ans: Moscow-Vladivostok

11. The speaker of Lok Sabha is removed by? 
Ans: By voting( More than 50% is required)

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