Friday, 9 September 2016

9th September (3rd Shift) SSC CGL 2016 Questions

1.Babita kumari related to which sport?
Ans: Wrestling

2.Where is Bandhavgarh national park?
Ans:  M.P

3.Official language of Delhi sultanate?
Ans: Persian

4.Consumer price index forum is released by which department?
Ans: Central Statistic Office

5. Heated substance releases which rays-

6.Ozone block which rays?
Ans: UV rays

7.Startup India related to?
Ans: To boost entrepreneurship

8. Who led Sepoy Mutiny?

9. Indifference curve shows comparison between?
Ans: Two goods

10.Other name of world Bank?
Ans: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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