Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2016, 31st Aug 2016(1st Shift)

1. India shares longest International border with?
Ans: Bangladesh

2. Highest gallantry award of peace?
Ans: Ashok Chakra

3. People of Indus valley used to worship?
Ans: Mother Goddess

4. Polio caused due to?
Ans: Virus

5. CK Naidu trophy associated with which sports?
Ans: Cricket

6. India’s first carbon free state?
Ans: Himachal Pradesh

7. FAST telescope installed in?

8. Energy travels from Sun to earth through?

9. In IT failure of Kernel means?
Ans: Blue Screen Error

10. Kovvada nuclear plant proposed to be set up in?
Ans: Andhra Pradesh

11. Barren Island volcano is located in the?
Ans: Andaman Sea

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