Sunday, 28 August 2016

Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2016, 28th Aug 2016(1st Shift)

1.Smallest part of brain? 
Ans- Mid brain

2. Hriday scheme for what ?
Ans-The scheme aims to preserve and revitalize soul of the heritage city 

3.Public litigation filed for? 
Ans-litigation for the protection of the public interest

4.Who called Gandhiji Mahatma ?
Ans-Rabindranath Tagore

5.Cause of sepoy mutiny?
Ans-Hurting religious feelings of the sepoys

6.Study of human mind called?

7.Ellora caves is near  to which city ?
Ans- Aurangabad 

8.Place where soldiers live called?
Ans-Fort / Battalion

9.Excise duty is applied on ?
Ans- Manufacturing product (Industries/ Factories)

10.Doctrine of lapse was introduced by ?
Ans-Lord Dalhousie

11 . U.S parliament named as?

12. Golden revolution  related to ?
Ans-Horticulture development

13.Blue color of ocean due to?
Ans- Scattering of light

14.Charles Correa related to which field?

SSC CGL 2016 Exam Analysis (All Slots)

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