Monday, 11 July 2016

Current Affairs Quiz for SBI PO 2016 (11th July 2016)

current affairs quiz for sbi clerk mains 2016
1. Who has won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for 2015-16?
a) Nandini Gulati
b) Marut Sikka
c) Sujoy Bose
d) Nimi Sunilkumar

2. Name the player who has won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone?
a) Nico Rosberg
b) Max verstappen
c) Lewis Hamilton
d) None of these

3. The 2016 BRICS heads of drug control agencies working group meeting has been hosted by which city of India?
a) Jaipur
b) Hyderabad
c) New Delhi
d) Mumbai

4. President of which country has signed the “anti-terrorist” legislation adopted by the lower and upper houses of parliament in June 2016?
a) China
b) Russia
c) japan
d) USA

5. The tropical cyclone ‘Nepartak ‘ is approaching towards which of the following countries? 
a) Maldivies
b) Indonesia
c) Malaysia
d) Taiwan

6. Who is the newly appointed Union Minister of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting?
a) Ananth Kumar
a) Ravi Shankar Prasad
c) Venkaiah Naidu
d) prakash javadekar

7. Recently, a team of international astronomers for the first time have sighted a Jovian planet orbiting a triple star system. The planet has been named as
a) HD 131399Ab
b) HD 131399Bc
c) HD 131399Cd
d) HD 131399De

8. Which State/UT Government approved the new Slum and Jhuggi-Jhopdi rehabilitation policy?
a) Delhi
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Bihar
d) Puducherry

9. The National Green Highways Mission (NGHM) has been launched from which city of India? 
a) Lucknow
b) Kolkata
c) New Delhi
d) Chennai

10. Which country is organizing international industrial exhibition - INNOPROM 2016?
a) China
b) Germany
c) Russia
d) India

1:d, 2:c, 3:c, 4:b, 5:d, 6:c, 7:a, 8:a, 9:c, 10:c.

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