Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Current Affairs Quiz for SBI-IBPS Exams (20th July 2016)

current affairs quiz for sbi clerk mains 2016
1. Which of the following was developed by Indian Railways for enhancing the vision of Locomotive Pilots in inclement weather?
a) SMRT Trains System
b) TBOGI system
c) TRI-NETRA system
d) Spot Your Train

2. Tata STRIVE, an initiative of Tata Community Initiatives Trust, has been launched its first Skill Development Centre (TSSDC) centre in which city?
a) Chennai
b) Pune
c) New Delhi
d) Hyderabad

3. Who was sworn in as the Australia’s prime minister in July 2016?
a) Malcolm Turnbull
b) Tony Abbott
c) Nezih Uzel
d) Suleyman Erguner

4. Who was appointed as the World Bank's new Chief Economist?
a) Markus Stockhausen
b) Kaushik Basu
c) Paul Romer
d) Nezih Uzel

5. “The Great India Run” India’s first multi-city marathon has started from which city of India?
a) New Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Ahmedabad
d) Jaipur

6. Which state won the champion trophy in All India Electricity Board Kabaddi tournament?
a) Himachal Pradesh
b) Uttarakhand
c) Punjab
d) Jharkhand

7. Name the Turkish musician who was appointed as the UNESCO Artist for Peace by the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova?
a) Markus Stockhausen
b) Kudsi Erguner
c) Suleyman Erguner
d) Nezih Uzel

8. How much amount has been released by Union Government under MGNREGA for this year?
a) Rs 20,000 crore
b) Rs 22,000 crore
c) Rs 26,000 crore
d) Rs 28,000 crore

9. Who was appointed as the Chairman of Airports Authority of India (AAI) in July 2016?
a) Nilamani Sahoo
b) Vimal Gupta
c) Manoj Prabhakar
d) Guruprasad Mohapatra

10. Which Union Territory (UT) of India will form “Swach Bal Senas” to build it as a garbage-free UT?
a) Delhi
b) Puducherry
c) Lakshadweep
d) Chandigarh

1:c, 2:d, 3:a, 4:c, 5:a, 6:a, 7:b 8:d, 9:d, 10:b.

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