Saturday, 2 July 2016

Current Affairs Quiz for Banking Exams (2nd July 2016)

current affairs quiz for sbi clerk mains 2016
1.  Name the Portal which was launched by Railways Ministry for redressal of service related grievance of serving current and former railway employees?
a) RAILEMP Portal
b) NIVARAN portal
c) SAMANVAY Portal
d) SWAYAM Portal

2. Balal village in the state of ____ is one of the 21 villages selected across the country by the State Bank of India under the SBI Digital Village initiative.
a) Gujrat
b) Odisha
c) Tamilnadu
d) Kerala

3. Four Indian-Americans are among the 42 US nationals honoured with this year's prestigious “Great Immigrants: The Pride of America” award recently. Which of the following is not of them?
a) Sunder Pichai
b) Vikram Malhotra
c) Indra Nooyi
d) Bharati Mukherjee

4. India successfully test fired a new surface-to-air missile, from an Integrated Test Range at Chandipur that was jointly made between India and_____.
a) Germany
b) Israel
c) Japan
d) Russia

5. Name the veteran sprinter of India who emerged as the fastest male athlete after winning the gold in 100m dash in 10.60secs at the 56th National Inter-state Senior Championships?
a) Babubhai Panocha
b) D Sreekanth
c) Sameer Mon
d) Niraj Kumar

6. The first squadron of home-grown Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas was inducted into Indian Air Force (IAF) at the Aircraft System Testing Establishment in
a) Bengaluru
b) Sulur
c) New Delhi
d) Chandigarh

7. Name the Governor of Tripura who has taken the additional charge as the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh during JP Rajkhowa’s absence due to leave?
a) Keshari Nath Tripathi
b) Balram Das Tandon
c) Padmanabha Acharya
d) Tathagata Roy

8. The 2016 BRICS Youth Summit was hosted by which country?
a) India
b) Brazil
c) Russia
d) China

9. Name the famous futurist and author of the famous book Future Shock who died recently?
a) Alvin Toffler
b) Stanislaw Lem
c) Mahdi Elmandjra
d) Raymond Spencer Rodgers

10. Which state recorded the highest number of foreign tourist visits in 2015 as per the data released by the Ministry of Tourism?
a) Maharashtra
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Kerala
d) Uttarakhand
1:b, 2:d, 3:c, 4:b, 5:c, 6:a, 7:d, 8:a, 9:a, 10:b.

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