Monday, 25 July 2016

25th July Current Affairs Quiz for SBI-IBPS Exams

current affairs quiz for sbi clerk mains 2016
1. Which State Government has launched the first ever Water Metro project in the country?
a) New Delhi
b) Kerala
c) West Bengal
d) Karnataka

2. Which of the following has won the Hungarian Grand Prix?
a) Nico Rosberg
b) Lewis Hamilton
c) Daniel Ricciardo
d) Sebastian Vettel

3. Which of the following Online marketplace  has announced its partnership with e-ticketing platform BookMyShow to book tickets for movies?
a) Flipkart
b) Snapdeal
c) Amazon
d) eBay

4. Which of the following has honoured with  Mahanayak award by West Bengal Govt.?
a) Bapi Lahiri
b) Sonu Nigam
c) A R Rahman
d) None of these

5. Name the eminent Journalist and Doordarshan News Correspondent who passed away recently?
a) Inder Malhotra
b) K K Katyal
c) Anil Shinde
d) Sanjiv Thomas

6. Who has created history by becoming first Indian Junior athlete to create a World Record in Junior athletics Championship?
a) Neeraj Chopra
b) Manish Chopra
c) Kamal Mehta
d) Devesh Singh

7. Which State Government has launched a pilot project of e-complaint system on an experimental basis?
a) Karnataka
b) Gujarat
c) Kerala
d) Maharashtra

8. The fourth edition of the Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival 2016 recently began in which city?
a) Jorhat
b) Dibrugarh
c) Dispur
d) Guwahati

9.  Name the annual electronic music festival that recently commenced in Boom, Belgium?
a) TomorrowWorld
b) Tomorrowland
c) What lies beneath
d) None of the above

10. The book “Sleep Revolution” has been authored by whom?
a) Sherry Turkle
b) Sheryl Sandberg
c) Shawn Stevenson
d) Arianna Huffington

1:b, 2:b, 3:b, 4:a, 5:d, 6:a, 7:d, 8:d, 9:b, 10:d.

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