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Reading Comprehension Quiz for SBI Clerk and PO 2016

Reading Comprehension Quiz for SBI Clerk and PO 2016
Directions (1-10): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/phrases have been given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

Long ago, a Brahmin called Haridatta lived in a little village. He was a farmer but the piece of land he cultivated provided him with so little to survive on that he was very poor.

One day, unable to stand the heat of the summer sun, he went to rest for a while under a big tree on his land. Before he could stretch out on the ground, he saw a huge black cobra slithering out of an ant hill nearby. The snake then spread his head and swayed gracefully from side to side. Haridatta was astonished to see this and he thought, “This cobra must really be the god of this land. I have never seen or worshipped him before, which is probably why I am not able to get anything from the land. From this day onwards. I will worship him.” He hurried back to his home at once and returned with a glass full of milk. He poured it into a bowl and turning to the ant hill said, “O ruler of the land, I did not know you were living in this ant hill. That is why I have not paid my tribute to you. Please accept my apologies for this omission and accept this humble offering’’. He then placed the bowl of milk at the entrance of the ant hill and left the place.

The next day when the Brahmin arrived to work on his land, he found a gold coin in the bowl he had left at the ant hill. He was very happy indeed and from that day on, he made it a practice to offer milk (in a bowl) to the cobra each day. The next morning he would collect a gold coin and leave.

One day Haridatta had to go to a neighbouring village for business. He asked his son to go to the ant hill as usual and leave a bowl of milk for the cobra. The son did as he was told, but when he went to the same spot the next day and collected the gold coin, he thought, this ant hill must be full of gold. If I kill the cobra, I can collect all the gold in an instant, instead of having to waste my time coming here every day.’’ He then struck the cobra with a big stick. The cobra deftly dodged the blow but bit Haridatta’s son with his poisonous fangs. The boy soon died. When Haridatta returned to his village the next day, he heard how his son had met his death. He realised at once that his son’s greed would probably have caused him to attack the cobra.

The Brahmin went to the ant hill the day after his son’s cremation and offered milk to the cobra as usual. This time, the cobra did not even come out of his hole. Instead, he called out to Haridatta, “You have come here for gold, forgetting that you have just lost a precious son and that you are in mourning. The reason for this is pure greed. From today, there is no meaning to our relationship. I am going to give you a diamond as a final gift. But please don’t ever come back again.” He slithered away as the Brahmin watched.

1. Which of the following is true according to the story ?
1) Haridatta had asked his son to give milk to the cobra because he himself was tired of doing it.
2) The cobra gave Haridatta a diamond every day.
3) Haridatta’ s son was greedy.
4) Haridatta had no idea as to why the cobra had killed his son.
5) All are true

2. What was the cobra’ s final gift to the Brahmin?
1) Venom
2) A diamond
3) A bite
4) A gold coin
5) None of these

3. What did Haridatta think on seeing the cobra for the first time?
1) The cobra was divine and he would get gold coins if he worships him.
2) The cobra was the god of his land and had to be worshipped.
3) The cobra was very scary and could kill him.
4) The cobra was responsible for his poverty.
5) None of these

4. Which of the following is possibly the most appropriate title for the story?
1) The Cobra And the Brahmin
2) The Foolish Brahmin
3) The Brave Cobra
4) Haridatta and His Son
5) The Mourning Father

5. Why did Haridatta’s son try to kill the cobra?
1) The cobra had angered him through his behaviour.
2) The cobra was known to be poisonous and had killed several men in the village by biting them.
3) He believed that the ant hill in which the cobra lived contained all the gold coins.
4) He thought the cobra would bite him if he went near it
5) He did not like the fact that his father was wasting his time by feeding the cobra milk every day.

Directions (6-8): Choose the word/group of words which is most similar in meaning to the word/group of words given in bold as used in the passage.
1) Rich
2) Waste
3) Meek
4) Modest
5) Low

1) Petrified
2) Upset
3) Dazed
4) Fearful
5) Surprised

1) Lie down
2) Exercise
3) Fall
4) Elongate
5) Extend out

9. Choose the word/group of words which is most opposite in meaning to the word given in bold, as used in the passage.
1) Nimbly
2) Artistically
3) Unskillfully
4) Shallowly
5) Sluggishly

10. Choose the word/group of words which is most same in meaning to the word given in bold, as used in the passage.
1) In lieu of
2) Quickly
3) At once
4) One each day
5) Speedily

1: 3; The passage says that Haridatta’s son thought that the ant hill must be full of gold and if he kills the cobra, he will be able to have it all at once. So, he tried to kill the cobra. This shows that he was greedy. 

2: 2; The third last sentence of the passage clearly says that the Cobra gave a diamond to Haridatta as a final gift. 

3: 2; The passage says that Haridatta saw a cobra coming out of an ant hill and thought that it is the lord of the land and that he could never get anything from the land because he never worshipped it. 

4: 1; The story in the passage revolves around a cobra and a Brahmin. Therefore, the title of the story should be ‘The Cobra and the Brahmin’. 

5: 3; Haridatta’s son tried to kill the cobra because he thought that the ant hill had gold coins which he could collect at once if he kills the cobra. 

6: 4; Modest’ means not too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities. 

7: 5; ‘Astonished’ means surprised. 

8: 1; ‘Stretch out’ means to lie down. 

9: 3; ‘Deftly’ means skillfully.

10: 2; ‘In an instant’ means quickly. 
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