Friday, 17 June 2016

Questions for SSC CGL 2016

1. Nobel Prizes are not given for which of the following fields ?
A) Physics
B) Chemistry
C) Peace
D) Music

2. Which is the India’s first digital state ?
A) Goa
B) Tamil Nadu
C) Kerala
D) Karnataka

3. "And Then One Day : A Memoir" is an autobiography of
C) Kamal Hasan
B) Anupam Kher
C) Naseeruddin Shah
D) Lal krishna Advani

4. Who invented vaccination for small pox ?
A) Sir Frederick Grant Banting
B) Sir Alexander Fleming
C) Edward Jenner
D) Loius Pasteur

5.  Which is the first organic state in India ?
C) Uttarakhand
B) Sikkim
C) Manipur
D) Assam

6. All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi was established in which year?
a) 1952
b) 1956
c) 1962
d) 1966

7. Which of the following Organisations gives the Kalinga Prize for popularising science?

8. Losoong festival is celebrated in which of the following states?
A) Tibet
B) Arunachal Pradesh
C) Sikkim
D) Kerala

9. Booker Prize is given in the field of 
A) Medicine
B) Adventure
C) Fiction writing
D) Science

10. On which river has "Naranarayan Setu" been built ?
A) Ganga
B) Brahmaputra
C) Mahanadi
D) Godavari

1:D, 2:C, 3:C, 4:C, 5:B, 6:B, 7:A, 8: C, 9:C, 10:B.
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