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Quant Quiz on percentage for SBI Clerk 2016(Part II)

quant quiz on percentage for sbi clerk 2016
1. Two tailors X and Y are paid a total of Rs. 660 per week by their employer. If X is paid 120 percent of the sum paid to Y, how much is Y paid per week?
a. 300                          
b. 250                        
c. 400                  
d. None of these.

2. If the price of petrol increases by 25% and Santa intends to spend only an additional 15% on petrol, by how much % will he reduce the quantity of petrol purchased?
a. 9%                        
b. 11%                    
c. 8%                      
d. None of these.

3. In an election contested by two parties, Party SJP secured 12 percentage points more votes than Party SJD. If party SJD got 132,000 votes and there are no invalid votes, by how many votes did it lose the election?
a. 300,000                  
b. 168,000          
c. 36,000                
d. 24,000

4. A number x is mistakenly divided by 10 instead multiplied by 10. What is the percentage error in the result?
a. 9.9%                            
b. 99.99%        
c. 19%                    
d. 99%

5. The salary of Anuj is 20% lower than Bhuwan’s salary and the salary of Chauhan is 56.25% greater than Anuj salary. By how much percent the salary of Bhuwan is less than the salary of Chauhan.
a. 20%
b. 25%                
c. 30%                    
d. 33.33%

6. The length and breadth of a rectangle are changed by +10% and -10%. What is the percentage change in area of rectangle?
a. -1%                        
b. -2%                    
c. +1%                          
d. +2%

7. I recently got a promotion accompanied by 23% hike in salary but due to recession it my salary was reduced by 32%.What was net change in my salary?
a. 15.89% decrement                
b. 15.89% increment
c. 16.4% increment                    
d. 16.4% decrement
8. A number when reversed becomes 45% greater than original. By how much percentage does unit place digit lesser than tenth place digit?
a. 75.75%                
b. 57.89%                
c. 62.5%                      
d. 60.5%

9. According to a survey Burma has 45% of females and rest males. Out of them 65% males and 45% females are literate. Find % of population literate?      
a. 55%
b. 56%      
c. 57%
d. 58%

10. Class B has 50% more students than class A. Number of girls in class A is equal to number of boys in class B. The percentage of girls is the same in both classes. What percentage of the student group are boys?
a. 60%
b. 50%
c. 40%
d. 30%

1. a
2. c
3. c
4. d
5. a
6. a
7. d
8. b
9. b
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