Friday, 3 June 2016

History Questions for SSC, NDA-CDS & State Exams

1.  Which famous book Jahangir has written ?
(A) History of Jahangiri
(B) Tuzuk-e-Jahangiri
(C) Zide-e-Jahangiri
(D) Yearnk-e-Jahangiri

2. What was the name of the gold coin introduced by Akbar ?
(A) Jalali
(B) Ilahi
(C) Nissar
(D) Dam

3. Who was the English ambassador who became successful in getting permission to set up a trading factory at Surat?
(A) Sir Thomas more
(B) Sir thomas wyatt
(C) Sir thomas robinson
(D) Sir Thomas Roe

4. When did Babur capture Kabul?
(A) 1497
(B) 1504
(C) 1483
(D) 1494

5. Which one among the following Indus site was known for water management?
(A) Lothal
(B) Mohenjodaro
(C) Harappa
(D) Dholavira

6. Who was Akbar"s Guardian ?
(A) Tansen
(B) Amir Khusru
(C) Abul Fazl
(D) Bairam Khan

7. Battle of Khanwa took place in?
(A) 1527
(B) 1564
(C) 1511
(D) 1546

8. Who build humayun tomb?
(A) Gulbadan
(B) Humayun
(C) Akbar
(D) Bairam Khan

9. Which one of the following was not cultivated in the harappan civilisation?
(A) Mustard
(B) Barley
(C) Sesamum
(D) Sugarcane

10. Meaning of the name Jahangir?
(A) Conqueror of the Ocean
(B) Peaceful man
(C) Sweet man
(D) Conqueror of the world

1:B, 2:B, 3:D, 4:B, 5:D, 6:D, 7:A, 8:C, 9:D, 10:D.

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