Sunday, 5 June 2016

General Science Questions for SSC, NDA-CDS and State Exams

1. The weight of an object will be minimum when it is placed at
A. The North Pole
B. The South Pole
C. The Equator
D. The center of the Earth

2. The bond which is present between water molecules is
A. Electrovalent bond
B. Covalent bond
C. Hydrogen bond
D. Van der Waal’s bond

3. Which one of the following is a water soluble vitamin?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin D
D. Vitamin K

4. Vitamin C is also known as
A. Amino acid
B. Ascorbic acid
C. Acetic acid
D. Azelaic acid

5. The uranium fuel used worldwide is mainly in the form of
A. U3O8
B. UO2
C. UF6
D. U metal

6. The purity of milk is determined by
A. Hydrometer
B. Lactometer
C. Thermometer
D. Stalagmometer

7. Sterility in some animals is caused due to deficiency of
A. Vitamin B
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin B12
D. Vitamin E

8. Chemically, lime water is
A. Calcium hydroxide
B. Sodium carbonate
C. Sodium hydroxide
D. Calcium carbonate

9. Vitamin B12 is most useful for combating
A. Anaemia
B. Goitre
C. Night blindness
D. Rickets

10. Pollination by wind is called
A. Autogamy
B. Entomophily
C. Anemophily
D. Ornithophily

1:D, 2:C, 3:B, 4:B, 5:B, 6:B, 7:D, 8:A, 9:A, 10:C.

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