Wednesday, 15 June 2016

General Science Questions for SSC CGL and NDA-CDS

general science questions for ssc cgl 2016
1. Typhoid is caused by
a) Salmonella typhi
b) Pseudomonas sp.
c) Staphylococcus
d) Bacillus

2. A gas used as a disinfectant in drinking water is
a) Hydrogen
b) Oxygen
c) Fluorine
d) Chlorine

3. what is the average lifespan of a red blood cell ?
a) 100 - 200 days
b) 100 - 120 days
c) 160 - 180 days
d) 150 - 200 days

4. The most abundant organic molecule on the surface of the Earth is
a) chitin
b) DNA
c) hemoglobin
d) cellulose

5. Which of the following acids is used in a car battery?
a) hydrochloric acid
b) sulphuric acid
c) nitric acid
d) carbonic acid

6. The function of heavy water in a nuclear reactor is to
a) Slow down the speed of neutrons
b) Increase the speed of neutrons
c) Cool down the reactor
d) Stop the nuclear reaction

7. Consider the following statements:
1. Hepatitis B is several times more infectious than HIV / AIDS.
2. Hepatitis B can cause liver cancer.
Which of the statement given above is/are correct?
a) 1 only
b) 2 only
c) Both 1 and 2
d) Neither 1 nor 2

8. Which one of the following is used to induce artificial rain?
a) Ammonium chloride
b) Calcium carbonate
c) Silver lodide
d) Potassium Nitrate

9. Seawater freezes at
a) the same temperature as fresh water.
b) at a slightly higher temperature than fresh water
c) at a slightly lower temperature than fresh water.
d) seawater does not freeze.

10. What is the mixture of potassium nitrate, powdered charcoal and sulphur called?
a) glass
b) gun powder
c) cement
d) paint

1:a, 2:d, 3:b, 4:d, 5:b, 6:a, 7:c, 8:c, 9:c, 10:b.
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