Thursday, 2 June 2016

Economics Quiz For SSC CGL and CHSL 2016(Quiz 2)

1. The most appropriate measure of a country’s economic growth is its
(a) Gross Domestic Product
(b) Net Domestic Product
(c) Net National Product
(d) Per Capita Real Income

2. The highest body that approves Five Year Plans in India is
(a) Planning Commission
(b) National Development Council
(c) Interstate Council
(d) Union Cabinet

3. Which Committee was set up to review the concept of poverty line?
(a) S Tendulkar Committee
(b) Lakdawala Committee
(c) Wanchoo Committee
(d) Dutt Committee

4. Poverty in less developed countries largely due to
(a) Voluntary Idleness
(b) Income inequality
(c) Lack of cultural activities
(d) Lack of intelligence of people

5. SEBI is a
(a) Constitutional body
(b) Advisory body
(c) Statutory body
(d) Non-Statutory body

6. In which type of the following types of economy are the factors of production own individually?
(a) Capitalist
(b) Socialist
(c) Mixed
(d) Both a and b

7. The separate presentation of Railway Budget and General Budget began since
(a) 1924
(b) 1947
(c) 1952
(d) 1977

8. Currency notes and coins of one rupee and lower denomination are issues by
(a) SBI
(b) Government of India
(c) RBI
(d) Ministry of Finance

9. Who presented the first Union Budget of India maximum number of times(10 times)?
(a) Chaudhary Charan Singh
(b) Pranab Mukherjee
(c) VP Singh
(d) Morarji Desai

10. Economic Liberalization in India started with
(a) Substantial changes in industrial licensing policy
(b) The convertibility of Indian rupee
(c) Doing away with procedural formalities for FDI
(d) Significant reduction in tax rates

1:d, 2:b, 3:a, 4:b, 5:c, 6:a, 7:a, 8:d, 9:d 10:a.

General Awareness Questions!!

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