Friday, 3 June 2016

Daily Current Affairs Quiz (3rd June 2016)

current affairs for sbi clerk 2016
1. Name of the cricket icon who agreed to use his name in a campaign against drug and liquor abuse in state of kerala?
a)    Sachin Tendulkar
b)    Virat Kohli
c)    MS Dhoni
d)    Rahul Dravid

2. Asia’s largest technology trade show COMPUTEX was started in which city?
a)    Tokyo
b)    Newyork
c)    Taipei
d)    Moscow

3. Who was appointed as new CEO, MD of Airtel Payments Bank ?
a)    Naveen Mehta
b)    Shahi Arora
c)    Mahesh Agarwal
d)    Sachin Mittal

4. What percent government equity will be available in India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) that will be set up under the Department of Posts?
a)    60 %
b)    70 %
c)    90 %
d)    100 %

5.  who was appointed as the first ever chief executive officer (CEO) of BCCI?
a)    Ajay Shirke
b)    Rahul Johri
c)    Anurag Thakur
d)    Manish Thakur

6. The Government of India and _____ has signed a 9.2 million US dollar grant agreement for efficient bus service.
a)    IMF
b)    World Bank
c)    New Development Bank
d)    Asian Development Bank

7. The Union Cabinet approved signing of a MoU on tourism with which country?
a)    Qatar
b)    Dubai
c)    Tajikistan
d)    Japan

8. Union Cabinet approved signing of MoU for wildlife conservation and wildlife trafficking with which country?
a)    USA
b)    France
c)    Brazil
d)    South Africa

9. Name of the Comedian actor who passed away recently?
a)    Amaan Ali
b)    Razak Khan
c)    Gopi Bhalla
d)    Vipul Roy

10. The National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited recently announced to launch a Ganga cleaning project in which of the following states?
a)    Uttar Pradesh
b)    West Bengal
c)    Jharkhand
d)    Bihar

1:a, 2:c, 3:b, 4:d, 5:b, 6:b, 7:a, 8:a, 9:b, 10:d.

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