Thursday, 9 June 2016

Current Affairs Quiz for SBI Clerk and PO (9th June 2016)

current affairs for sbi clerk 2016
1. What was the theme of World Oceans Day that was observed on 8 June 2016?
a) Wave the heat
b) Healthy oceans, healthy planet
c) Let Oceans breathe
d) Oceans: Life Providers

2. Name of the head of judicial commission to probe into the recent Mathura violence?
a) Mirza Imtiyaz Murtaza.
b) Ashok Mehta
c) P verma
d) None of these

3. Who topped the 2016 Forbes '100 Most Powerful Women' in the world?
a) Michelle Obama
b) Hillary Clinton
c) Angela Merkel
d) Indra Nooyi

4. Who topped the 2016 Forbes World's Highest-Paid Female Athlete list?
a) Maria Sharapova
b) Serena Williams
c) Ronda Rousey
d) Danica Patrick

5. Who become the first city in the country to have its own city animal?
a) Delhi
b) Guwahati
c) Lucknow
d) Haridwar

6. Who was appointed as the Director of the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA)?
a) Shahid Rasool
b) Sidharth Lingwal
c) Arjun Arya
d) Kshitij Kapoor

7. Which company has displayed the world's first 3D-printed aircraft THOR at the International Aerospace Exhibition in Schoenefe?
a) Redbull
b) Cisco
c) Airbus
d) None of these

8. Name of the Chess grand master who has passed away recently?
a) Veselin Topalov
b) Vladamir Kramnik
c) Victor Korchnoi
d) Michael Adams

9. Men’s Hockey Junior World Cup 2016 will be held in which city?
a) Delhi
b) Lucknow
c) Bhubaneswar
d) Bhopal

10. With which country India held the Desert Eagle II bilateral military exercise?
a)    Saudi Arabia
b)    United Arab Emirates
c)    Kuwait
d)    China

1:b, 2:a, 3:c, 4:b, 5:b, 6:a, 7:c, 8:c, 9:b, 10:b.

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Current Affairs Quiz (8th June 2016)

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