Saturday, 11 June 2016

Current Affairs Quiz for SBI Clerk and PO (11th June 2016)

current affairs for sbi clerk 2016
1. Name of the Indian-American author who won the prestigious 2016 International DUBLIN Literary Award for his novel 'family life'?
a)    Mindy Kaling
b)    Akhil Sharma
c)    Subhash Kak
d)    Ashok Das

2. Which country is hosting  UEFA Euro 2016 football championship?
a)    Germany
b)    Switzerland
c)    France
d)    Poland

3. Who topped the Forbes 2016 World's Highest-Paid Athletes List?
a)    Cristiano Ronaldo
b)    Tiger Woods
c)    Lionel Messi
d)    Lewis Hamilton

4. Name of the eminent scientist who recently took over as Chief Executive of Nuclear Fuel Complex?
a)    G Kalyanakrishnan
b)    N Saibaba
c)    Vishay Rao
d)    None of the above

5. which state government has decided to celebrate the 21st day of every month as Yoga day across all schools, colleges and universities in the state?
a)   Bihar
b)   Madhya pradesh
c)   Maharashtra
d)   Gujrat

6. Which Bank has launched India’s first internationally-listed certified green bond to finance climate change solutions around the world at London Stock Exchange (LSE)?
a)   ICICI Bank
b)   HDFC Bank
c)   SBI
d)   Axis Bank

7. Who of the following tennis star was suspended from Tennis for two years by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)?
a)    Anna Kournikova
b)    Maria Sharapova
c)    Ana Ivanovic
d)    Caroline Wozniacki

8. Who was appointed as the head of the UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan ?
a)    Major General Delali Johnson
b)    Major General Per Lodin
c)    Major General Polly barber
d)    Major General Lucas Peterson

9. "Sahyog-Hyeobleod-2016" is the joint naval exercise between India and ____?
a)    Singapore
b)    South Korea
c)    Vietnam
d)    Malaysia

10. Who was presented with the USIBC Global Leadership Award by the PM Narendra Modi in Washington DC ?
a)    Jeff Bezos
b)    Sunder Pichai
c)    Mark Zuckerberg
d)    Satya Nadella

1:b, 2:c, 3:a,, 4:a, 5:c, 6:d, 7:b, 8:b, 9:b, 10:a.

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