Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Polity Quiz for SSC CGL 2016

1. Who decides whether a bill is a Money Bill or not?
a) President of India
b) Speaker of the Lok Sabha
c) Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha
d) Prime Minister of India

2. In the case of a deadlock the joint sitting of the Parliament is called by the President and is presided over by the?
a) Speaker of the Lok Sabha
b) Chairman of the Rajya Sabha
c) Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha
d) President of India

3. Seats in the Lok Sabha are NOT reserved for_________.
a) Scheduled castes
b) Scheduled tribes
c) Scheduled tribes in the Autonomous Districts of Assam
d) Anglo-Indians

4. In the absence of Lok Sabha Speaker and Deputy Speaker who presides over the Lok Sabha?
a) A member of the House of People appointed by the President
b) A member chosen by Council of Ministers
c) The senior most member of the Rajya Sabha
d) The senior most member of the Lok Sabha

5. The normal term of the Lok Sabha may be extended by_________.
a) An Act passed by the Parliament
b) An Order of the Supreme Court
c) An Order of the President of India
d) An Order of the Prime Minister of India

6. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha can resign from his office by addressing his resignation to?
a) the Prime Minister
b) the President
c) the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha
d) the Chief Justice of India

7. The Rajya Sabha has equal powers with the Lok Sabha
a) In the matter of creating New All India Service
b) In amending the Constitution
c) In the removal of Governments
d) In making cut motions

8. What is the maximum possible strength of the Legislative Assembly of a State?
a) 545
b) 400
c) 500
d) 425

9. What is the maximum strength of Lok Sabha?
a) 550
b) 552
c) 554
d) 556

10. Judicial Review in India is based on_______.
a) Procedure established by law
b) Due process of law
c) Rule of Law
d) Precedents and Conventions

1: b
2: a
3: c
4: d
5: a
6: c
7: b
8: c
9: b

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