Saturday, 7 May 2016

Geography Quiz for SSC CPO and SSC CGL 2016

1. 'Manchester' of South India is
(a) Coimbatore
(b) Madurai
(c) Bengaluru
(d) Chennai

2. Which one of the following rivers does not originate in India?
(a) Beas
(b) Chenab
(c) Ravi
(d) Sutlej

3. The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through 
(a) India
(b) Pakistan
(c) Bangladesh
(d) Myanmar

4. Which state has the largest population Schedule Tribe?
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Bihar
(c) Arunachal Pradesh
(d) Orissa

5. Which of the following is called 'Crossroads of the Pacific' ?
(a) Tonga
(b) Fiji
(c) Hawaii
(d) Ellice

6. Highest coffee growing state in India is
(a) Karnataka
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Tamil Nadu

7. Gandhi Sagar Dam is a part of which one of 
(a) Bhakra Nangal Project
(b) Kosi Project
(c) Damodar Valley Project
(d) Chambal Project

8. Which one of the following rivers forms an estuary ?
(a) Narmada
(b) Kaveri
(c) Krishna
(d) Mahanadi

8. Which one of the following place is the wettest place in India ?
(a) Mahabaleshwar
(b) Cherrapunji
(c) Udhagamandalam
(d) Mawsynram

10.  In which one of the following islands of India is an active volcano found ?
(a) Car Nicobar Island
(b) Nancowry Island
(c) Barren Island
(d) Maya Bunder Island

1: a
2: d
3: b
4: a
5: b
6: a
7: d
8: a
9: d

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