Monday, 2 May 2016

General Science Quiz for SSC CGL 2016

1. There are rings around which of the following?
A. Saturn  
B. Mars
C. Jupiter
D. Uranus

2. Earth quake waves travel fastest in
A. Soil
B. Molten rock
C. Water
D. Flexible rock

3. The removal of top soil by water or wind is called
A. Soil wash
B. Soil erosion
C. Soil creep
D. Silting of soil

4. The gas predominantly responsible for global warning is
A. Carbon dioxide
B. Carbon monoxide
C. Nitrous oxide
D. Nitrogen peroxide

5. The wonder pigment chlorophyll is present in
A. Mitochondria
B. Centrosomes
C. Quantosomes
D. Lysosomes

6. The hardest substance available on earth is
A. Platinum
B. Diamond
C. Quartz
D. Gold

7. Freezing point of Water
A. 0° F
B. 32°F
C. 4° F
D. 4° F

8. The Panda belongs to the same family as that of
A. Bear
B. Cat
C. Dog
D. Rabbit

9. The volume of which of the following materials decreases when it is heated from 0°C to 5°C ?
A. Air
B. Copper
C. Water
D. Mercury

10. Evaporation from water surfaces exposed to air is not dependent of the
A. velocity of the wind
B. humidity
C. temperature
D. depth of the water

1: A
2: C
3: B
4: A
5: C
6: A
7: B
8: A
9: C

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