Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Daily Current Affairs 11th May 2016 (One Liner)

1. National Technology Day is Observed On Which Date?
Ans: 11th May

2. Theme of the National Technology Day 2016:
Technology enablers of Startup India

3. Which e commerce company has launched its online video service?
Ans: Amazon (Amazon Video Direct).

4. Who has won the 2016 presidential election of the Philippines
Ans: Rodrigo Duterte.

5. What was the nickname of the fighter aircrafts Sea Harriers, which was decommissioned by Indian Navy on 11 May 2016?
Ans: White Tigers.

6. The decommissioned fleet of iconic Sea Harriers of Indian Navy was replaced by?
Ans: MIG 29 K

7. Which State has won ‘Best Indian Destination for Wildlife’ Award?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh (The Madhya Pradesh Tourism)

8. Name the world's first holographic flexible smartphone developed by the Canadian researchers:
Ans: Holoflex

9. Which bank has launched ‘cash back’ campaign for its VISA debit cardholders?
Ans: Karnataka Bank.

10. Name the country with which India has signed the revised tax treaty?
Ans: mauritious.

11. Chief Minister of Uttarakhand who won the composite floor test in the legislative assembly on 11 May 2016:
Ans: Harish Rawat

12. Who is appointed as MD and CEO of Multi Commodity Exchange?
Ans: Mrugank Paranjape

Current Affairs 10th May 2016

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