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Reasoning Questions for IBPS PO and Clerk 2016

Directions (Q. 1-5): These questions are based on the following information.
In a certain code ‘Ravi is good man’ is written as ‘pa le ta hi’, ‘man always rich’ is written as ‘ne hi ki’, ‘rich is good’ is written as ‘pa ne le’ and ‘be good always’ is written as ‘ki zi pa’.

1. Which of the following can be coded as ‘pa taki le’?
A)  Always good rich is
B)  Rich is man always
C)  Ravi is always good
D)  Ravi is rich always
E)  None of these

2. Which of the following is the code for ‘always’?
A)  le
B)  hi
C)  ne
D)  ki
E)  zi

3. How will ‘rich is man’ be written in this code?
A)  le hi ne
B)  le ta ne
C)  pa ne zi
D)  ki hi ne
E)  ne ta zi

4. Which of the following may represent ‘be’?
A)  le
B)  ne
C)  pa
D)  ta
E)  zi

5. What does ‘le’ represent in the code?
A)  Ravi
B)  good
C)  always
D)  rich
E)  is

Directions (Q. 6-10): Study the following information answer the given questions. A word-number machine, when given an input line of words and numbers, rearranges them following a particular rule. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangements.

Input: safe danger 17 29 fast 89 then 37
Step I: danger safe 17 29 fast 89 then 37
Step II: danger 89 safe 17 29 fast then 37
Step III: danger 89 fast safe 17 29 then 37
Step IV: danger 89 fast 37 safe 17 29 then
Step V: danger 89 fast 37 safe 29 17 then
Step VI: danger 89 fast 37 safe 29 then 17
And step VI is the last step of the rearrangement of the above input.

As per the rules followed in the above steps, find out in each of the following questions the appropriate step for the given input.

6. Input: Your 32 system 45 has fault 92 51
How many steps will be required to complete the rearrangement?
A) Five    
B) Six
C) Four   
D) Seven
E) None of these

7. Step II of an input is: cross 88 local end 33 47 78 never
How many more steps will be required to complete the rearrangement?
A) Three   
B) Four
C) Five   
D) Six
E) None of these

8. Input: zebra 18 and 96 61 peacock 32 friends were 27
Which of the following will be the last step?
A) and 96 peacock 61 friends 32 were 27 zebra 18    
B) and 96 were 61 peacock 32 friends 27 zebra 18 
C) and 96 friends 61 peacock 32 were 27 zebra 18    
D) and 96 friends 32 peacock 61 were 27 zebra 18 
E) None of these

9. Input: True movie 24 57 first gap 36 79
Which of the following steps will be last but one?
A) IX   
C) VII   
E) None of these

10. Input: water free never 31 84 11 height 28
Which will be the last step?
A) VI   
C) VIII   
E) None of these

Directions (1-5):
hi -  men
ne-  rich
pa-  good
ta-   ravi
ki-   always
zi-   be
le-   is

1. C
2. D
3. A
4. E
5. E

Directions (6-10):
In step I, the word that comes first in the alphabetical order comes to the first position, pushing the rest of the line rightward. In the next step, the largest number comes to the second position, pushing the rest of the line rightward. This goes on alternately till the words get arranged in an alphabetical order and the numbers in a descending ,order at alternate positions.

6. B
7. B
8. C
9. E

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