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Polity for SSC CGL and Railway RRB Exam 2016

1.The High Court comes under :
(A) State List
(B) Union List
(C) Concurrent List
(D) none of the above.

2. Under the British Rule in India, Governor General was responsible to-
(A) Secretary of India
(B) Secretary of Britain
(C) Secretary of State
(D) None of the above

3.The Chief Minister is generally:
(A) a member of the Legislative Assembly
(B) a member of the Legislative Council
(C) not a member of either House of State Legislature
(D) None of the above

4. For how many years, months and days, did the Constituent Assembly work on the Constitution of India-
(A) 2 Years, 11 months and 18 Days
(B) 3 Years, 12 months and 16 Days
(C) 4 Years, 18 months and 6 Days
(D) None of the above

5. Which one of the following statements is incorrect ?
(A) the President is an integral part of the Parliament
(B) the President is not a part of the Parliament
(C) the President can summon each House of Parliament
(D) the President can dissolve the Lok Sabha

6. During the British period, under which Act election was introduced in India-
(A) Indian Council Act 1913
(B) Indian Council Act 1909
(C) Indian Council Act 1906
(D) Indian Council Act 1907

7. The Fundamental duties were added to the Constitution :
(A) to make the fundamental rights more effective
(B) to check anti-national, subversive and unconstitutional agitations
(C) to accord priority to the directive principles over fundamental rights
(D) to achieve all the above objectives

8. When did Constituent Assembly adopt a national Flag-
(A) 22nd Aug. 1947
(B) 22nd July 1947
(C) 22nd Jan. 1947
(D) 22nd Oct. 1947

9. The Rajya Sabha has exclusive power :
(A) to initiate proceedings for the removal of the President
(B) to initiate proceedings for the removal of the judges of Supreme Court
(C) to recommend creation of new All-India Services
(D) with regard to none of the above

10. If a Governor acts as the Governor of more than one State :
(A) his salary is paid by the Central Government
(B) his salary is paid by the State where his headquarter is located
(C) he gets one and a half time his normal salary
(D) his salary is shared by the concerned States in equal proportion

1: B
2: C
3: A
4: A
5: B
6: B
7: B
8: B
9: C

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