Thursday, 28 April 2016

One Liner Current Affairs 28th April 2016

1. Which note has won the best banknote of the year for 2015 ?
Ans: New Zealand’s five-dollar note

2. Union Cabinet approved MoU between India and __________.
Ans: Papua New Guinea

3. MoU between India and Papua New Guinea based on
Ans: cooperation in the field of health area and medical science

4. Which company has launched the fraud detection mechanism ?
Ans: Experian

5. Where is the headquarter of Experian?
Ans: Dublin (Ireland)

6. Which bank  has launched the mobile only bank in India?
Ans: DBS

7. Where is the headquarter of DBS?
Ans: Singapore

8. Which country's cricket association has been suspended by the ICC?
Ans: Nepal

9. Recently V T Thomas has passed away. What is the profession of V T Thomas?
Ans: cartoonist

10. Who has equalled the world record in Women's Recurve event at Archery World Cup?
Ans: Deepika Kumari

11. Who has won the gold medal at ninth Moscow Sand Sculpture Championship in Russia?
Ans: Sudarsan Pattnaik(for 15 feet high art work Mahatma Gandhi's sculpture)

12. The new naval detachment has launched at which place?
Ans: Androth Island (Lakshadweep archipelago)

13. MoU signed between Railways and ISRO to devlop ________.
Ans: an application for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System

 Current Affairs 27th April 2016

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