Sunday, 17 April 2016

Indian Polity Quiz for SSC CGL and Railway RRB Exam 2016

1. Who is the chairman of the rajya sabha?
A)    The president
B)    The vice-president
C)    The prime minister
D)    The speaker

2. The union executive of india consists of?
A)    The president, vice-president and the council of ministers only
B)    The president and the council of ministers only
C)    The president, the vice-president, the council of ministers and lok sabha speaker
D)    The president, the prime minister, deputy chairman of rajya sabha, lok sabha speaker

3. The indian parliament consists of?
A)    Lok sabha only
B)    Lok sabha and the president
C)    Rajya sabha and lok sabha
D)    The president, rajya sabha and lok sabha

4.  Rajya sabha enjoys more power than the lok sabha in the case of?
A)    Money bills
B)    None-money bills
C)    Setting up of new all india services
D)    Amendment of the constitution

5. Which one of the following has the power to initiate the motion of impeachment of the president of india?
A)    Both the houses of the parliament
B)    Lok sabha
C)    Rajya sabha
D)    Speaker of the lok sabha

6.  What is the term of a member of the rajya sabha?
A)    3 years
B)    4 years
C)    5 years
D)    6 years

7. What was the basis for constituting the constituent assembly of India?
A)    The resolution of Indian national congress
B)    The cabinet mission plan, 1946
C)    The Indian independence act, 1947
D)    the resolution of the provincial/state legislature of the dominion of India

8. The upper house of Indian parliament is known as?
A)    The rajya sabha
B)    The lok sabha
C)    The national assembly
D)    The Indian parliament
E)    None of these

9. The constitution of india was completed on?
A)    February 11,1948
B)    November 26, 1949
C)    January 26, 1950

D)    November 26, 1950
D)    None of these

10. In which Article of the Constitution of India, duration of House of Parliament has been mentioned:
A) 83
B) 84
C) 85
D) 88

1: B
2: A
3: D
4: C
5: A
6: D
7: B
8: A
9: B

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