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History Quiz for SSC CGL and Railway RRB 2016

History Questions for SSC CGL and Railway RRB 2016
1. Which of the following was the oldest dynasty of india?
A)    Maurya
B)    Gupta
C)    Kushana
D)    Kanva

2. The Indus valley civilization specialized in?
A)    Town planning
B)    Architecture
C)    Craftsmanship
D)    All of these

3. Where is Sarnath?
A)    Kerala
B)    Mahavashtra
C)    Gujarat
D)    Uttar pradesh

4. Great stupa at sanchi is in?
A)    Uttar pradesh
B)    Madhya pradesh
C)    Arunachal pradesh
D)    Andhra pradesh

5. Who among the following was the first governor general of bengal ?
A)    Robert clive
B)    William bentick
C)    Marquess wellesley
D)    Waren hastings

6. The local name of mohenjodaro is?
A)    Mound of the living
B)    Mound of the great
C)    Mound of the dead
D)    Mound of the servivor

7. Who was the last trithankara?
A)    Parsvanath
B)    Mahavira
C)    Siddhartha
D)    Subhadra

8. Which one of the following places was famous as capital of tipu sultan ?
A)    Srirangpattam
B)    Gulbarga
C)    Hampi
D)    None of these

9. Tipu sultan died fighting the english forces under ?
A)    Lord cornwallis
B)    Lord wellesley
C)    Lord dalhousie
D)    Lord hastings

10. Syadvad(the theory of may be) is a doctrine of?
A)    Lokayatism
B)    Saivism
C)    Jainism
D)    Vaishnavism

1: A
2: A
3: D
4: B
5: D
6: C
7: B
8: A
9: B

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