Sunday, 3 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exams(3rd APR 3rd Slot)

1.Sajan prakash related to?
Ans: Swimmer

2.2015 winner of rugby?
Ans: Australia

3.Azad hind fauj was organised by?
Ans: subash chandrabose

4.When was Indian National Congress formed?
Ans: December 28, 1885

5.Who built fathehpur sikri?
Ans: Akbar

6.Indian army formed by whom?
Ans: Capitan Mohan Singh

7.Davis cup winner 2015?
Ans: Andy Murray(Great Britain)

8.The first nobel price for medicine was given to invention of vaccine for which disease?
Ans: Diphtheria

9. Alfred Nobel invented?
Ans: Dynamite

10. North Korea founded by?
Ans: 1948 Sept - 9
11. Main element in marsh gas?
Ans: Methane

12.World wide Web invented by?
Ans: Tim Berners-lee

13. INS satellites are used for?
Ans: Communication

14.Which of the following is not Jupiter satellite?(Europa,Ganymede,metis,Titan)
Ans: Titan

15.What is the average thickness of skin?
Ans: 0.10 inch(or) 2-3 mm

List of GK Questions asked in Railway Exam 2016

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