Monday, 11 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exam (11th APR 2nd Slot)

1. Humayun tomb situated at?
Ans: Delhi

2. First Female President of Nepal?
Ans: Bidhya Devi Bhandari

3. Operation smile related to what?
Ans: Finding Missing Children

4. What is the Rank of India in Corruption Index 2015?
Ans: 76

5. Uniform civil code article?
Ans: Article 44

6. FIFA ballon d’or award 2015?
Ans: Lionel Messi

7. Pashupatinath Temple Located at?
Ans: Kathmandu, Nepal

8. Who is the Prime Minister of Nepal?
Ans: K P Oli

9. Kaiser-e-hind title given to Mahatma Gandhi by?
Ans: British Government

10. Vertebral Column has how many bones?
Ans 33

11. State with Maximum boundaries with other states?
Ans: Uttar Pradesh

12. Where is Tidal Port Situated?
Ans: Kutch, Gujrat

13. Physical Research Laboratory founded by? 
Ans: Vikram Sarabhai

14. Kalindi is the other name of which river?
Ans: Yamuna

15. Smallest state of India?
Ans: Goa

16. Mahabharata was fought for how many days?
Ans: 18 Days

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