Sunday, 3 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exams(3rd APR 2nd Slot)

1.India’s largest freshwater lake?
Ans:Wular Lake

2.What is oneirology?
Ans: scientific study of dreams.

3.Modern Olympic 1896 held in which city?
Ans: Athens,Greece

4.Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1999?
Ans: Nawaz sharif

5.In which year  Sikkim get formed?
Ans: 1975

6.About Make in India logo?
Ans: Moving Lion

7.What was the duration of PM Modi’s America visit in 2015?
Ans:  5

8.what is Sighmo?
Ans: Spring Fesitval

9.Odd one out(ears-hearing,tongue-taste,light-vision,nose-smelling)
Ans: light

11.Holi is Celerbrated with?
Ans: Gulal

12.Adhai Din ka Jhopda is in?
Ans: Ajmer,Rajasthan

13.Who is the author of Malgudi days?
Ans: RK Narayan

14.What is LIGO?
Ans:  Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

15.Who got Olympic quota in wrestling in 2015?
Ans:  Narsingh Yadav

17.Who is Karl Marx?
Ans: Philospher

18.UNO headquarter?

Ans: New York

19.Most abundant natural combustible gas?
Ans: Methane

20.India got freedom on 15th August in which time day/night/noon/midnight?
Ans: Midnight

21.What is the foundation year of Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans: 1987

22.Change in position with distance is?
Ans:  Magnitude

23.Gravitational Force on two subjects depends on?

Ans: combined mass and the distance

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