Saturday, 2 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exams(2nd APR 3rd Slot)

1. Shiva Ayyadurai invented
Ans: E-mail

2. Solid iodine colour
Ans: Purple

3. 1st Nobel prize in literature
Ans: Sully Prudhomme

4. Last Mauryan Emperor
Ans: Brihadratha

5. Jayakwadi Dam on which river
Ans: Godavari

6. 2016 world economic held on
Ans: Davos (Switzerland)

7.Golden temple situated near
Ans: Rabi

8. PH value below 7
Ans: Acidic

9. Where the Indian flag hoisting by Defence Minister
Ans: Pahari Mandir (Ranchi)

10. The 100 years war was a long struggle b/w (1337-1453)
Ans: England and France

11. Administrator of union Territory?
Ans: Lt. Governor

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