Thursday, 7 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exam (7th APR 3rd Slot)

Q1. U-17 football world cup Venue?
Ans: India

Q2. Chicken pox vaccine name?
Ans: Varicella

Q3. Hridayanth mangeshkar award 2015 winner?
Ans: AR Rehman

Q4. hirakud dam located on which river?
Ans: Mahandi

Q5. Mount kilimangaro sitauated in which countery?
Ans: Tanzania

Q6. polio vaccine was invented by?
Ans: Albert sabin

Q7. My stamp services lanuched in mumbai post office for what purpose?
Ans: for porsanalized sheets of postage stamp

Q8. Ellora caves constructed in which century?
Ans: between 6th and 10th century

Q9. where was Golf invented?
Ans: Scotland

10. the 95th constitution Amendment was?
Ans: To extand the period of reservation to 2020

11. Shape of orbits of Plant?
Ans: Elliptical

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